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Microsoft O365

Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud-based offering Dialog brings to the market as a CSP (Cloud service provider ) of Microsoft that combines the best of Microsoft Cloud products and dialog’s capabilities in unmatched broadband connectivity and superior service. Whether you are looking to take the advantage of HD video conferencing, instant messaging and business-grade emails, or if you simply want to access your files via Excel, Word and Outlook, Office 365 allows to conduct business anywhere and everywhere while keeping your important documents safe and secure in the Cloud.

Microsoft O365 Features

Access latest version of Microsoft Office Applications and collaboration tolls
Stay connected instantly and keep your files safe in Microsoft cloud
Enhanced office collaboration tools
1 TB Storage
Connect Smart devices
Safe and secure with higher availability

Microsoft O365 Benefits

Set up with ease. Easy to self-install and maintain. Updates, patches and upgrades are done at a click of a button.
Anywhere access. Because it's in the cloud, you can access your files even while on the go.
Work virtually anywhere. Work on your documents from any browser or device.
Easy collaboration. Share files, conduct video-conferencing, screen sharing and real time note taking.
Peace of mind. Never worry about lost documents due to computer crashes and lost devices.
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