WORKSTREAMS is an unified cloud-based software suite Which integrates different applications on a single platform customized to meet your business imperative of speed to market, cost efficiency, mobility, agility, and innovation

The platform seeks to empower Dialog’s enterprise customers with a simplified open source managed IT solution that will accessed on a flexible ‘pay as you grow’ basis, supporting the business growth of enterprises across the Sri Lankan market.

Workstreams Features

  • CRM Service
  • E-mail Service
  • Create your own Website
  • Libre Office Suits
  • Documented Management and Storage
  • IT Support Services

Workstreams Benefits


Provides mobility to the end-users with simplified, cost effective and ambitious IT operations
Offers both ease of use and effective cost management of productivity tools for small and medium businesses
Provides a cloud service that eliminates the complexity and overheads needed in setting up and managing necessary IT solutions
Offer all business IT applications needed by an SME, making it a one-stop-shop solution for budding entrepreneurs

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