Cumulus software as a service (SaaS) is a set of best in class business software applications hosted in the cloud and delivered via the internet on a pay as you grow model. We offer business applications such as WORKSTREAMS” a unified cloud-based software suite which integrates different applications on a single platform. Workstreams comprises of web builder, document management system , email solution and CRM.

Dialogs SaaS solutions can help you simplify your IT, improve day-to-day processes, and increase business productivity. This concept enables users to access applications on the go and subscription based commercial model brings agility and flexibility to the business.


Why Cumulus Saas : Key benefits and features

Access anytime, anywhere through internet
Eliminate any worries about back-up, technician availability, security protection and other risks.
Reduce complexity and faster access to software while saving money
Dedicated 24x7 dialog helpdesk support
Pay as you grow and consolidated monthly bills for all your usage

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