Virtual Servers

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Cumulus Cloud servers offer cost-effective, on-demand access to computing resources meeting all the server requirements of a business. It works on the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivery model hosted at Dialog’s High end data centers accredited with ISO 27001: 2013 meeting highest levels of Information Security Standards (ISMS) and your valuable data is kept in the country.
Our Virtual Servers are fully monitored around the clock by highly qualified staff using High end tools and instruments. IT managers can plan and deploy storage, processing capacity, networking resources and other fundamental computing resources quickly. The can access these over the internet and/or a Virtual Private Network.

Why Cumulus Virtual Servers

Complete server solution (MS Windows Operating System and Microsoft SQL )
With strategic Microsoft SPLA partnership our servers are bundled with Windows OS
Faster connectivity and better performance
Due to Dialog's unmatched Broadband capabilities and superior international backbone our Cloud servers can be accessed seamlessly with superior performance.
Faster Application Testing and Development:
Dialog Cloud VM provides application developers and testers with instant, flexible IT-infrastructure to quickly and efficiently design, code, test, and deploy software solutions.
Elastic Web Applications:
Dialog Cloud VM enables quick and efficient capacity expansion to meet dynamically changing end-user demands on Hosted Web applications.
Temporary Needs:
Dialog Cloud VM is an efficient, cost-effective way to utilise temporary IT resources for short-term projects at a lesser cost.

Virtual Servers Features

On Demand and scalable
Faster provisioning and ability to scale up on demand
No Maintenance:
All hardware and network components of the service are monitored and maintained by Dialog.
Resource usage can be monitored, controlled and reported instantly
Dedicated Support Team:
24x7x365 dedicated support team reachable by a dedicated Dialog hotline service.
Multiple storage options SSD/SAS
Multiple OS support (Windows/Linux)
Guaranteed Availability of 99.95% uptime

Virtual Servers Benefits

Increased reliability
Low cost of TCO:
Minimal expenditure to acquire a server compared to purchasing and retaining a physical hardware
Pay as you grow
Flexible monthly rental
Let you focus your resources to the core business
Freedom to access your date anytime, anywhere through any device
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