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Dialog Desktop backup solution is designed to automatically back-up critical data stored on personal computers the data can be instantly restored if the PC/Laptop is unusable by a virus attack , hardware failure or complete loss of your pc . Dialog DBaaS provides a fully-hosted archiving service that will reduce the strain on safeguarding your critical data giving you peace of mind by ensuring that your data is safe and secure while providing on-demand access whenever you need them.

Desktop Backup Features

Backup any file such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Pictures, Audio, Etc.
Automatic scheduled weekly backup with one year data retention.
Manual file backup.
25GB of Backup Storage as the base package.
Customized back up plans on request.
Restore your data at any time.
Data encryption and security.
Supports on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and etc.
Uptime Service availability.
24x7 support Service support.

Desktop Backup Benefits

Enterprise class backup solution which connects to your organizations network securely.
Higher level data security guaranteeing you data privacy in our sophisticated storage platform.
No capital investment needed.
Hassle free instant setup and data restoration.

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